Solar Thermal Collector by Tiger Foam

Solar Thermal Collector

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  • High Efficiency Single Wall Tube Design
  • 304 Stainless Steel Header
  • Copper Brazed Manifold
  • Compressed Rock Wool Insualtion
  • 22mm Copper Connections
  • 3/4″ NPT Adapter available
  • 70mm Tube Diameter
  • 1700mm Tube Length
  • 20 Tubes
  • More information on solar thermal collector
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Product Description

Sunlight Solar SFC Series single wall evacuated tube collectors provide ultra high performance and efficiency in extreme low temperature climates.

Using sophisticated metal to glass welding technology, each evacuated tube in the SFC collector is hermetically sealed, providing a long lasting, high volume evacuated space that provides superior insulating properties when compared to traditional double wall designs.

Designed to operate in outside temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius!

The 304 stainless steel header assembly ensures long term durability, while providing a structural enclosure for the high quality copper brazed header. Efficiency is assured by the use of environmentally friendly compressed rock wool insulation.

Each collector kit is comprised of multiple boxes, and includes the header / frame kit deigned for sloped roof installations, and separately boxed evacuated tubes.

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