Air Seal Your Cottage

cottage in the spring

There is always plenty of work to be done around the cottage, including many aesthetic renovations and energy efficient upgrades. One project that can be completed any time of the season is air sealing and insulating the inside of your cottage. Sealing the attic, wall cavities and crawl space with an air tight barrier will contribute to maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round.

Air Sealing Your Cottage to Stop the Heat Escape

An unsealed roof and walls are the two major areas that allow heat to escape. Air-sealing these areas with spray foam will provide an air-tight air and vapour barrier.

When air sealing your cottage, these are the areas you should be sealing with two-component spray foam:

  1. Under the roof rafters
  2. In the crawl space
  3. Inside empty or closed wall cavities
  4. Around windows, doors and vents
  5. Around wires and plumbing pipes
  6. Inside gaps between wall studs

Filling all spaces, big and small, will maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

Benefits of Spray Foam

Spray foam makes it possible to air sealing in those awkward and unusual spaces that cannot be sealed using fibreglass insulation. When spray foam is applied to a roof or along crawl space walls, the foam covers the space with an air-tight seal.

Many cottage owners are interested in Air Sealant Spray Foam Kits for air sealing because they can do it themselves.

“The challenge for cottage country is that the extra cost to have a contractor do the spray foam is excessive. The solution was a DIY spray foam kit that I found from Tiger Foam. Purchasing from Tiger Foam was an absolute delight!” – Cottage on the Edge

Before starting a DIY air sealing project, consult the technical professionals at Tiger Foam to provide all the information you need to ensure your project warrants the proper procedures and methods.

Insulating Your Cottage

Now that you have air sealed your entire cottage, you have blocked air and moisture from entering your living space. The next step is to install Batt, which helps insulate and provide additional heat retention and sound control.

Air sealing your home or cottage not only contributes to the energy efficiency of the space, but it helps minimize mold and moisture damage. Achieve greater comfort at a reasonable price.

Contact us for more information about our Tiger Foam 2-component spray foam kits for air sealing your cottage.