Instructions for Safe Application of Tiger Foam

Before spraying, make sure to have the appropriate safety apparel, watch the instructional videos, and refer to our FAQs for additional tips and information.

6 Simple Guidelines for Using Spray Foam

To have a stress-free foam sealant application experience, just remember 6 simple things:

1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your protection.
Consists of: gloves, goggles, a NIOSH approved, positive pressure, supplied air respirator or a negative pressure half mask with organic vapour cartridges and dust/mist pre-filters (NIOSH P-95), and a Tyvek suit with hood. All protective equipment is available in our store.
2. Chemical in tanks is at optimal temperature between 24-29°C (75-85°F).
Use of heating blankets or tank warmers is recommended.
3. Rock tanks for at least 1 minute before you start spraying to mix the propellant thoroughly.
This will enable tanks to empty completely. Otherwise there may be up to 5% unused product left in tanks.
4. Change Nozzle tips after spraying continually for 8-10 minutes or when spraying has stopped for 30 seconds.
Extra tips are included in each kit for this purpose.
Tips will become clogged with cured foam if not swapped out appropriately: “When in doubt, switch them out”
5. Prime the Gun.
Begin slow and gradual with the trigger thus allowing for a smooth consistent flow and good mixing in the nozzle.
6. Cover surfaces that are not to be applied with foam.
There may be minimal overspray.
Overhead spraying can produce a fine mist of back spray.

Tips and Tricks For Best Application Results

Tank Temperature

For best results, maximum yield and the best spraying foam, the chemicals in the tanks should be between 24-29°C (75-85°F). Use of heating blankets or tank wraps is recommended to ensure proper temperature. Allow 2-3 extra days during colder months to heat up the tanks. Too hot or too cold reduces yield!

Shake Them Up!

You should agitate the canisters to mix the propellant thoroughly before you start spraying. This ensures that you get good pressure all the way to the end of the tanks. Simply rocking or rolling the larger tanks back and forth for a minute or two is sufficient.

High Pressure

These tanks are pre-pressurized and like any pressurized tanks, there is more pressure when you first open them than there is near the end of the tank. The trigger on the application gun is metered in that the further you pull back on the trigger, the faster the chemicals dispense. Please adjust your flow to match your application goals.

Change The Nozzle Tips

The nozzle tip on the end of the application gun is actually the mixing chamber for the two chemicals. This high tech nozzle is ribbed in such a way to create a mixing ‘vortex’ within the tip so well-mixed foaming agents are dispensed for maximum results. Change Nozzle tips after spraying continually for 8-10 minutes OR when spraying has stopped for 30 seconds. Tips will become clogged with cured foam if not swapped out appropriately: “When in doubt, switch them out”!

Download these Application Tips

Using the Spray Nozzle

All of the foam kits are equipped with plenty of extra nozzle tips. If you stop spraying for more than 30 seconds or spray constantly for 6-8 minutes, the foam inside the tip will cure and harden. If you continue to spray with a blocked nozzle, the foam will back up into the gun and throw the pressure ratios off.

The tips snap on and off very easy so a replacement is very quick. Generally, the tips included are all you need unless you anticipate stopping and starting a lot. If this is the case, you can order extra spray nozzle tips when you order a kit for ease of mind.

These kits, especially the larger ones, are under pretty high pressure. So the further you pull back on the trigger, the faster the foam comes out. What you need to do is slowly increase your pull on the trigger to get the gun primed and the vortex in the tip right so the product mixes well or you end up spraying ‘flat’ foam that doesn’t expand as much as it should because it isn’t mixing right in the tip.

You really don’t need to pull the trigger back any more than a quarter of the way for best control, at least until you get below half a tank. Then you’ll have to pull back further on the trigger to get the same flow rate since there will be less propellant left. To put an inch on, you’ll just pull back a quarter of the way on the trigger and move your arm at a pretty good speed to get an inch. To put 2 inches on, just move your arm a bit slower.

Reusing Spray Foam Nozzle Tips

The nozzle tips can be reused if cleaned by placing in acetone right after being removed from the application gun. Also, a partially used kit can be stored for up to 5 to 6 days so you have the flexibility to complete a job on another day. To pack up just take off the old tip, confirm the little cavity is full of petroleum jelly, and put the old tip back on until you are ready to use it again. When you are ready to start anew, just rock the tank for a minute or so to mix the propellant well, snap a new tip on, and start spraying again. (NOTE: Recheck the temperature)

Specific Spray Foam Applications

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