What is the difference between Tiger Foam Fast Rise and Slow Rise?

Tiger Foam offers two different spray foam kits designed to be used for all air sealing applications.

The Tiger Foam Fast Rise spray foam kit is best used for applications with open access such as open wall cavities, overhead application, and between metal joists. The fast rise kit offers a controlled and full expansion for large open spaces.

The Tiger Foam Slow Rise spray foam kit is best used for applications with closed access such as pontoons, flotation devices and boat hulls. This formula is rated and will float 60 pounds per cubic foot..  Whether it be a large or small area, Tiger Foam’s Slow Rise Formula is the answer when Foam Injection is required.

Is spraying Tiger Foam easy?

Yes – spraying foam is easy for a DIY homeowner or professional contractor. Watch our instructional videos with step-by-step instruction on how to handle and spray the product or read our simple guidelines for using spray foam.

How do I apply the 1 inch thickness of spray foam required for maximum coverage?

Applying Tiger Foam in layers is preferred than applying too much in one pass. This causes foam surface to sag and may drop if it’s an overhead application. If your job requires more than one inch, apply the first layer then let it cure tack free before applying another layer of foam. The spray foam curing time is approximately 45 seconds. This procedure can be repeated till your required thickness is achieved. Remember Tiger Foam has approximately an R-7 per inch.

Do I have to use the whole kit all at once when first opened?

Our Tiger Foam instructional video includes full shutdown instructions and advice on reusing spray foam nozzles. It’s best to use your kit within a month after opening. Bottom line is that the material is good for 1 year in the tank, 5 days in the hose, and 30 seconds in the tip.

Is Tiger Foam a vapour barrier?

Tiger Foam, like all 2lb polyurethane spray foams, will provide a vapour barrier once it has reached a resistance to moisture of 60 monograms. Tiger Foam has been tested by Canadian labs to ensure that this has been met at the 2-3 inch thickness.

What is the right temperature to spray in?

The temperature to spray foam is 10 degrees Celsius and higher. This can be done artificially with a work lamp or space heater too. Be cautious the surface doesn’t get too hot or adhesion problems may occur as the foam slides right off the surface. However, the wall/board/pipe/etc doesn’t need to be heated through, just the superficial surface the foam will bond to.

The tanks also need to be between 24-29 degrees C for maximum performance. If you are artificially heating/cooling the tanks, keep in mind that since they are steel, the tanks will be in range before all the chemical is. If you are bringing a tank up to temperature, shake the tanks to make sure all the chemical is a uniform temperature then apply a blanket, sleeping bag to ensure you heat is kept in while you spray. Ambient temperatures can deplete the heat from the liquids. Your temperature can be obtained by shooting an infra-red thermometer to observe for spraying purposes.

Do I need a new gun with each kit?

Yes, although in a emergency you could borrow a spray gun from a previously used kit. This tends to be a little risky especially if the gun and hose had not been cleaned out properly. Tiger Foam chemicals are the costly part of the kit. Robbing Peter to pay Paul never works. If you have lost or damaged your spray gun or hose, you can purchase a replacement from our online store.