Learn About Tiger Foam Spray Foam Kits

Tiger Foam is a multi-purpose, two-part, closed-cell polyurethane formula creating an air tight seal that insulates and protects against dust, air filtration, pests and sounds.

Easy to Use

Tiger Foam Air Sealant Kits come complete with gun and hose assembly, extra nozzle tips, and require no outside power source or additional machinery to apply. These portable and disposable foam air sealant kits are Easy to Use, even for first timers.

Fire Rated

Tiger Foam Surface Spray Formulas are all E-84 fire rated by ASTM. This means additional protection for you and your family.

Contribute to LEED Points

Tiger Foam Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation can contribute credits to the Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design (LEED) green building rating system. Read the full Tiger Foam LEED information sheet.

Save BIG on Heating and Cooling Costs

Here are a few of the product applications Tiger Foam air sealant can be used for:

  • Foam Seal Metal Buildings of any size – Seals and adds structural stability to metal buildings. The 1″ of spray air sealant required does wonders in metal buildings and stops condensation in its tracks.
  • Foam Seal Basements and Crawlspaces – Permanent foam air sealant for basements and crawlspaces. Tiger Foam doesn’t fall off like some other air sealant products on the market. Tiger Foam spray air sealant is water resistant and is the ideal solution to protect your home in high flood and hurricane zones.
  • Foam Seal Basement Rim Joists and Sill Plates – The main benefit of weatherizing the basement rim joists is to prevent heat loss and seal air openings.
  • Sealing Penetrations – Use spray foam sealant to seal around any wall, attic or roof penetrations including vents, pipes, etc.
  • Blocking Walls – Spraying the wall surface actually creates a better air sealant break than filling cores.
  • Sealing Under Floors – Seals against moisture and creates a consistent temperature control
  • Soundproofing – Use spray foam air sealant between the walls or under the floors to soundproof offices and rooms.
  • Sealing Garage Ceilings – Save on home energy costs by air sealing your garage to prevent a cold draft or warm heat wave from changing the temperature of the house. Garage sealing is especially beneficial when there is a room above the garage. Works Great!
  • Air Sealing Under Mobile Homes- Permanently seal under and inside mobile homes. No more cold floors!
  • Hundreds of uses for spray foam air sealant…

Product Instructions

This product is well-engineered, but it is a two component chemical process that makes the foam. Therefore, there are explicit instructions you must follow to get the best results. We are EXTREMELY careful to make this information available to you in our Technical Data section and urge you to read the Application Guide and FAQ section of the site.

Dedicated Customer Support Team

We always welcome your phone call to discuss your particular spray foam air sealant application and methods if you have any questions about using our product.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your need to seal, create an air barrier, create a vapour barrier, moisture barrier or fill any area of your structure, home or application that requires great foam air sealant.

We welcome your inquiries. Please call 1-888-844-3736 or send us a question from our FAQ page.