About Tiger Foam

It’s a jungle out there. Make no bones about it. To be competitive in this day and age, a company needs to be customer focused and offer solutions that are in line with your business model and processes. We feel it is our job to provide you with excellent products and services at a good price. Tiger Foam has:

  • Name Recognition
  • Superior Product Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customer Leads Provided
  • Full Warranty – Includes Shipping!
  • Co-op Marketing Opportunities
  • Guaranteed Success Program
  • More than just a pretty interface!

Our spray foam experts offer a set of “fresh eyes” for your business and help identify markets and customers that are a good fit for your level of distribution and service. We are a full service provider and look forward to working with you.

Tiger Foam sells direct to the professional end-user to ensure product quality control and provide direct contact with the manufacturer and product experts. Contractors receive true pricing without distribution markup fees.

  • Ships ALL across Canada
  • Contractor Pricing
  • Direct Manufacturer Support
  • Guaranteed Product Quality

Pickup Locations now available throughout Canada

Please call for process of pick-up orders at 1-888-844-3736