Spray Foam for Hot Tubs and Spas

The Tiger Foam Fast Rise product is recommended for air sealing hot tubs and spas.
Tiger Foam Surface Spray formula is a natural for air sealing spas and hot tubs, cold storage facilities, crawl spaces and basements and it is also E-84 Fire Rated for your protection. Just 1” of Tiger Foam Closed Cell Surface Spray Formula will help reduce heat loss and reduce moisture buildup. This product is safe around wiring and adds structural stability to your hot tub/spa.

It has been reported that by using the right spray foam techniques to fully air seal your hot tub or spa, your energy cost could be as little as $15/Month. “Full foam insulation consists of filling the area between the shell and cabinet sub floor completely with a thick layer of solid, rigid foam. Over 70% of hot tubs manufactured today use this method of insulation because it is an excellent way to insulate and support the hot tub shell. Full foam insulation will keep heating costs to a minimum whether you use the spa indoors or out.” – As stated by SpaSearch.org

Estimate how much spray foam you will need