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25% More Customer Are Satisfied With Online Buying Compared to In-Store Experiences

Forrester Forecast predicts Online Retail Sales Will Grow To $250 Billion By 2014. the year to year increase in online sales is dependent on two things: customer demand for convenience and more businesses adding ecommerce capabilities to their website.

In both our personal life and day-to-day work activities, technology is a huge factor in how we stay connected and manage business. Over 30 years ago we used the yellow pages to look up a business, called with our home phones about business hours and drove down to the store to purchase a product. Today we do a Google search to find a selection of businesses that suit our needs, we find their contact details on the website (with the option to phone, email, or connect on Twitter/Facebook), and can get the products/services we desire with the click of a button. That is convenience.

Having an ecommerce store on your website has a couple perks for a business owner. First, you are providing convenience for the costumer to buy online, right now! Second, you provide enough information for consumers to do online research before making an in-store purchase. According to Forrester, “Only 61 percent of consumers who buy in-store as opposed to online are satisfied with their buying experience, compared to 82 percent for those who end up buying online.”.

The key to a happy ecommerce customer is customer service! Providing the product on time, sending the right product and being available for technical support or customer concerns.

Tiger Foam’s team are specialists in providing supreme customer service. We are always a call or email away with any questions you may have.

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