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7 Tips for DIY Spray Foam Application

By July 21, 2011 Advice No Comments

Cottage on the Edge wrote a great article on how to make spray foam applications easy in 6 simple steps.

  1. Plan Ahead: Make sure the area that is going to be sprayed is clear and clean to avoid stopping “mid-spray”
  2. Change Nozzle Tips: Switch up the nozzles if you stop for more than 30 seconds or have been spraying non-stop for 6-8 minutes (as the foam will cure and harden in the nozzle).If you continue to spray with a blocked nozzle, the foam will back up into the gun and throw the pressure ratios off.
  3. Easy on the Trigger: Spray foam kits, especially the larger ones, are under pretty high pressure. So the further you pull back on the trigger, the faster the foam comes out. What you need to do is slowly increase your pull on the trigger to get the gun primed and the vortex in the tip right so the product mixes well or you end up spraying ‘flat’ foam that doesn’t expand as much as it should because it isn’t mixing right in the tip.
  4. Slow and Steady: Use a medium speed movement from top to bottom (rather than side to side) and back up again. These long, smooth application will provide a better consistency.
  5. Fix it Later: If you miss a small patch along the way, leave it and get it on your way back up. This will waste much less product than stopping and reapplying at that moment.
  6. Cover up: Make sure you have your complete safety gear including a mask, goggles, and clothing (or jump suit) to cover your whole body. If the product comes in contact with the skin or eyes, this can cause irritation.
  7. Open up: Ensure proper ventilation by opening windows and doors to allow indoor vapour levels to be stable.

Click here for more information on preventing accidents and the proper use of spray foam. Happy Spray Foam Insulation!

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