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How To Reduce The Operating Costs of Your Hot Tub and/or Spa

By February 25, 2011 Energy Savings No Comments

In Canada, the spring is about to emerge. With the onset of the warmer weather, people start preparing their home, gardens, and outdoor living spaces for optimal use.

One of the luxuries that some Canadians enjoy is relaxing in their hot tubs and/or spas.

However, with the rising costs of energy in Canada many people may shy away from the thought of buying a new hot tub or even consider removing their existing hot tub for fear of increasingly large energy bills.

However, the goal of all hot tub owners should be to “reduce the operating cost of your hot tub or spa by using proper insulation techniques”.

It has been reported that by using the right insulation techniques to fully insulate your hot tub or spa, your energy cost could be as little as $15/Month.

“Full foam insulation consists of filling the area between the shell and cabinet sub floor completely with a thick layer of solid, rigid foam. Over 70% of hot tubs manufactured today use this method of insulation because it is an excellent way to insulate and support the hot tub shell. Full foam insulation will keep heating costs to a minimum whether you use the spa indoors or out.” – As stated by SpaSearch.org  

Use Tiger Foam Canada’s Surface Spray Formula to insulate your spa and/or hot tub, its’ environmentally friendly, green, and gets the job done!

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