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Increase Home Resale Price with Eco-Friendly Renovations

By July 20, 2011 Press No Comments

In a recent article by Real Estate Magazine, executive director of NAGAB (National Association of Green Agents and Brokers) suggested making eco-friendly home renovations to increase resale price of a home.

According to 2008 survey by the Appraisal Institute of Canada, the top green upgrades that have a significant impact on the home appraisal are energy efficient heating systems, windows and insulation. In addition, depending on you where you live, there are rebates and grants for green renovations.

The home improvement updates with the smallest up-front costs and the least risk of payback timelines can help to immediately lower operating costs of the home. These include improving attic insulation, upgrading lighting, installing programmable thermostats, weather stripping and caulking.

Insulation upgrades in particular will provide maximum comfort, reduce heating and cooling bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. The most cost-effective place to add insulation with most return on ROI is in the attic. This is where most of the heat escapes and collects.

There are tons of resources out there on the internet to guide you in your eco-friendly upgrades. Here are a few to get you started:

Rona Eco-Responsible Renovation Guide
CMHC Guide to Insulating Your Home
Canadian Government Home Energy Rebates

Saving money is number for the home buyer and seller. Make a difference for your family and environment. Go Green!

For more tips to make your home green for a high resale value, visit www.renonline.com.

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