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Insulating Basements with Spray Foam

By July 20, 2011 Uncategorized No Comments

Thanks to Virtual Creations Inc. in Canada for your great spray foam insulation video on Youtube!

“The product worked great, company was easy to work with / talk to and it’s my understand that some of the local stores are caring larger spray foam products for the DIY but these products are labeled as “air stops” and not insulation. They are of course foam insulation but can’t provide you with an actual R value. I asked Tigerfoam and their answer was it’s foam, R5 per inch (or something like that) and here is the paperwork to prove it. Loved it.”

Cold floors and hot spots are often caused by air infiltration from the basement of crawl space. Just 1” of Tiger Foam Closed Cell Spray Foam Formula will seal your home from moisture and air infiltration from below. All of our surface spray formulas are E-84 Fire Rated. We are the only brand that offers this safe formulation exclusively in our surface spray products, yet our pricing is competitive with non E-84 fire rated products. Spray it today and save a ton of money this winter.

Click here for more product information on spray foam to insulate basements.

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